Customized blockchain service

WOOW MOMENT targets to offer tailor-made blockchain service in order to add value for different businesses and offer more reliable information to the public.

The distinguish features of blockchain has created a new human trust system. WOOW MOMENT aims at promoting blockchain for more business use to enhance Hong Kong’s position as one of the smart cities.


A true sharing economy

Blockchain technology to create a true sharing economy
Blockchain 3.0: IOTA – Connecting physical life, Internet of Things


Skip the middleman

Skip the middleman with a decentralized booking to reduce commissions. Let all participants’ computers be billed together, confirmed, and become a decentralized trading system. The transaction is almost real-time execution and settlement, and the transaction record is complete.


Real-time data synchronization

Blockchain technology can be applied to all industries and real-time data synchronization. Innovative Ecosystem business processes. Smart contract certification, IOTA connected to physical life, IOT


Decentralized database

Independent on centralized transaction records. Decentralized database that makes the data in the blockchain more reliable through collective maintenance


Low Cost, High Efficiency

No audited accounts and financial records historically. No loan application complicated and prolonged access funding. Process automation


Enhance confidence

Data is distributed on the blockchain cloud, decentralized and cannot be tamper. The transaction record is completely transparent and cannot be replicated. Identify product authenticity and traceability. Enhance confidence in brands and goods

Case Study 1 - Artwork

Art pieces such as famous paintings and sculptures can be invaluable works of art. The value of art is not only influenced by the artwork itself, but also by the past owners of the art piece. The blockchain technology can help with:

  • Source certification, record the source of excavation and production of artworks, and ensure the authenticity of artworks
  • Renovation and recording of the different historical pastures of art can help prove the authenticity of art.
  • Logistics and transportation to help ensure the safe delivery of artworks
  • Inventory management, temperature and humidity records, ensuring proper preservation
  • Sales channel, owner’s information, time of possession, etc.

Case study 2 - Expensive Food

Food safety has always been the focus of public concern, and quality foods pay more attention to materials such as origin and production methods. Using blockchain to integrate the info is not only more systematic, but also more secure for consumers. For merchants, it can also add value to quality food. The blockchain technology can help with:

  • Production of ingredients, recording of selected materials, data of production processes, etc.
  • Logistics and transportation, recording information from the place of production to the point of sale, the first buyer and a series of information after that
  • Inventory management, product entry and exit management
  • Sales channels, recording sales and purchases in different channels

Case study 3 - Logistics

The more developed online shopping, the more important logistics is. The logistics industry extends the influence of the Internet to all parts of the world. The blockchain technology can help with:

  • Customer order information
  • Warehousing information
  • Transfer of goods, including extraction, transfer of each step, to the final receipt of the consignee

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