Gut Rhythm

Gut Rhythm provides drug-testing service and subscription service to our novel "electrical" drug databases. Drug-testing service will test clients’ drugs of interest using our electrophysiology protocol of gastrointestinal slow-wave network analysis to create unique 'electrical' drug profiles (~60 datasets per drug). This profile will match with our drug database, now tested >200 drugs with >13,000 datasets (Dec 2023). Our self-developed automatic analytical pipeline and trained deep-learning models allow maximum speed to create comprehensive drug testing reports in 1 day. Our drug databases now propose unique predictive power in predicting adverse drug reactions such as vomiting and nausea with > 80% precision and accuracy, potentially solving a market pain point in drug development. We are also excited to claim that the prediction potential could go beyond gut-related effects, such as edema, cough, etc. Our drug database will continue to grow as a sustainable asset to include more drugs and collect electrical signals from more tissue types. We are now seeking industrial collaboration and investment to drive us towards an independent pipeline.



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